Melanie King

FOUNDER and co-director

Melanie King is Founder and Co-Director of the London Alternative Photography Collective, and is also a practicing artist. Melanie is studying an MPhil in Printmaking at the Royal College of Art. As Director of the London Alternative Photography Collective, Melanie has curated the London Pinhole Festival, a number of exhibitions and convened the Shadows symposium at Camberwell College of Art. 


Almudena Romero


Almudena Romero is Co-Director of the London Alternative Photography Collective. Born in Spain in 1986,  Almudena Romero is a visual artist  working with early photographic processes such as cyanotypes, salt printing or wet plate collodion, along with new technologies including 3D printing. 

In 2016-2015, Almudena has been commissioned by the Fundación Mapfre and the V&A Museum to deliver different educational projects to promote knowledge, understanding and enjoyment of the wet collodion process alongside the Julia Margaret Cameron exhibition at these museums. 

Diego Valente


Influenced by the dialogue between arts and the spiritual, anthropology and science, Diego’s work attempts to question belief systems, examining resonances, parallels and intersections between these different structures. Central to his practice is our relationship to seeing, truth, knowledge and perception. The photographic thus becomes a central focus, in which our biological eye and neuro-scientific sensory system of light perception are drawn upon and explored within a poetic framework. The flash-gun pulsing as lightning, the hovering unfixed after image as memory trails are incorporated into performances, filmic works and installations.

Together with Emma Backlund, Sun Shi and Alice Serraino, founded The Kitchen Gallery, an artist run show in a conventional kitchen at an East London flat. Have co-curated the London College of Communication photo book table for Offprint London at Tate Modern and co-edits the S:KIN Journal together with Emma Backlund and Ramona Guntert.