Directory of Previous Speakers



Susan Derges - Photograms

Garry Fabian Miller - Dye Destruction Prints

Matt Collishaw - Virtual Reality, Zoetrope

Walter & Zoniel - Wet Collodion, Salt Prints

Nettie Edwards - Anthotypes

William Arnold - Pinhole Photography

Oliver Raymond-Barker - Natural Alchemy, Camera Obscura

Hannah Fletcher - Algae Chemigrams

Molly Behagg - Cyanotypes, Salt Prints


Ackroyd & Harvey - Chlorophyll Prints

Bindi Vora - Sculptural explorations with photographic Paper

Robin Cracknell - Photo Collage

Antony Cairns - Modified Kindle Screens, VHS

Corinne Silva - Hand Painted Photographs

Sara Davidmann - Chemigram, Wet Collodion

Nigel Breadman - Pinhole Photography

Sam Vale - Pinhole Photography

Sophie Davis - Van Dyck Brown

David George - Salt and Platinum Printing.

Luca M Damiani - Cyanotype & Coding



Marianne Bjornmir - Silver Gelatin Photograms

Oliver Blohm - Fashion Photography with Instant Film

Casey Moore - Large Format Photography

Antony Cairns - Kindle Screens, Collotype, Lith Printing

Brigitte Lardinois - Glass Plates from the Edward Reeves Archive

Jaden Hastings - Plasmotypes, Cyanotypes, Lumen Printing

Myka Baum - Van Dyke, Cyanotype

William Arnold - Pinhole, Lith Printing.

Debi Cornwall - Film Photography

rofessor Tom Hunter - Pinhole Photography

Sally Golding - 16MM audio-visual compositions.

Chris King - Photo-acoustics & Sound Visualisation

Spencer Rowell - Collage on Photographic Prints

Debbie Sears - Salt Printing, Lith Printing

Almudena Romero - Wet Collodion Plate

Andrew Chisholm - Colour Photograms

The Ol' Girl's Club 

Catriona Leahy - Photocopy Transfer

Susana Sanroman - Double Exposures on Film

Britonnie Fletcher - Chemigrams, Mordancage



Dr Esther Teichmann - Cyanotype, Photogravure, Hand Painted Silver Gelatin & C-Type Prints

Guy Paterson - Cyanotype, Van Dyck Brown, Liquid Light

Timothy Bennett - Pinhole Photographer and Master Printer

Anthony Carr - Solargraphs & Lunargraphs

Dr Mark Ingham - Modified SLR cameras > Slide Film Projectors.

Toby Deveson - Liquid Light Emulsion, Film.

Mike Crawford - Lith Printing.

Peter Moseley - Carbon Printing, Intaglio Photogravures.

Sophy Rickett - Silver Bromide, Analogue Photographer.

Rosie Emerson - Cyanotype

South East Analogue - Medium Format Film Collective

Luci Eldridge - Colour Seperation Photo Etching

Nicholas Middleton - Vintage Glass Plates

Martin Newth - Pinhole & Camera Obscura

Terry King - Gum Bichromate, Platinum.

Lam Pok Yin Jeff - Telescopic/Innovative Pinhole Cameras

Madaleine Trigg - Performance Artist using analogue darkroom techniques.



Constanza Isaza Martinez - Photographer and Founder of Lux Darkroom

Matt Martin - Film and Photocopies

Sam White - Camera Obscura 

Douglas Nicolson - Wet Collodion Plate, Pinhole and Community Engagement

Bruno Freitas de Oliveira - Artist using pinhole and specialist printing methods.

Sebnem Ugural - Pinhole Photographer

Sheila McKinney - Pinhole Photographer

Gavin Maitland - Photo Historian

Helen Pynor - Visual Artist

Kevin O'Neill - Photo Retoucher

Jennifer Brookes - Damaged Film

Adam Brown - Analogue/Digital Experimenter

Dr Chiara Ambrosio - Philosopher in Arts, Science and Photography

Tereza Cervenova - Portrait Photographer

Sarah Leslie - Black and White Printer, Lomography, Instant Film

Crazy G Linc - Camera Modification

Tina Rowe - Alternative Photographer & Pinhole

David Leister - Specialist in 16mm Films

David Blackmore - Experimental Artist using Analogue/Digital processes.