The Uncertain States X LAPC salon: Process & Practice

Saturday 19th November 2016, 2-5pm
Where: Uncertain States SALON, Mile End Arts Pavillion, Clinton Rd, London, E3 4QY

Join Uncertain States and the London Alternative Photography Collective on Saturday 19th November at Mile End Art Pavillion. We will hear from four artists working in the field of photography, to discuss various approaches to process and practice.

Corinne Silva
Corinne Silva will present works in progress from her new project Rocks & Fortresses. She will discuss the relationship between photography, painting and text in this work.

Robin Cracknell
Robin will talk about the process and practice, his relationship to photographs, memory and collage.
"Put your audience in the unsure custody of a flawed guide; swim upstream, damn the rules and find your story not in ‘method’ but in failures, accidents, the unknown ..."

Antony Cairns
Antony will be discussing ideas surrounding the reproduction of a photographic image and how process is key to his current ways of working.

Bindi Vora
Bindi will draw upon recent works focused on the potential possibilities of the surface of paper, photographic or otherwise.

Ackroyd and Harvey
Echoing the 19th century proto-photographers in the quest to ‘fix' the fleeting images of the first photographs, Ackroyd and Harvey's nature-based medium ‘chlorophyll’ has taken us into the realms of science, technology and philosophy in pursuit of capturing the ephemeral.