Open Door: The Photographers' Gallery

When: Friday 2 June - Sunday 4 June 2017
Where: Eranda Studio, The Photographers' Gallery, 16 - 18 Ramillies St, London W1F 7LW
Image Credits: Nilu Izadi

A series of events at The Photographers' Gallery for a series of events surrounding the idea of "making a photograph".


Ongoing Fri 2 June - Sunday 4 June 2017, LAPC Exhibition

This exhibition is based on the concept of making images. It includes works in which the process of making is self-evident. It opens on the evening of Friday 2 June and is open during gallery hours over the weekend of 3/4 June. The exhibition provides an opportunity for visitors to look, learn, experience and reflect on photographic process in a very broad sense. Artists include: Ackroyd and Harvey, Edouard Taufenbach, Simone Mudde, Diego Valente, Molly Behagg, Alfonso Borragan, Hannah Fletcher, William Britten, Melanie king, John Whapham and Almudena Romero.

Friday 2nd June 2017, 6.30 - 7.30pm, Artist Talk by Matt Collishaw

Mat Collishaw (b. 1966) is a key figure in the important generation of British artists who emerged from Goldsmiths’ College in the late 1980s. He participated in Freeze (1988) and since his first solo exhibition in 1990 has exhibited widely internationally. Recent solo exhibitions include Mat Collishaw, The New Art Gallery Walsall (2015), In Camera, Library of Birmingham (2015), Black Mirror, Galleria Borghese, Rome (2014), This Is Not An Exit, Blain|Southern, London (2013), Bass Museum of Art, Florida (2013); Pino Pascali Museum Foundation, Bari (2013); Mat Collishaw: Afterimage, Arter, Istanbul (2013) and Magic Lantern at the Victoria and Albert Museum, London (2010).

Friday 2nd June 2017 7.30pm, Alternative Photography Artist Talks
With Molly Behagg, Hannah Fletcher, Melanie King and Almudena Romero.

Saturday 03 June 2017, 10.00am - 12.01pm, Emulsion Lifts and Transparencies with IMPOSSIBLE
£15/£12 members & concessions, Book on above link.

The Impossible Team demonstrate the creative possibilities of their magic instant film. They'll show you how to dissect instant pictures to produce emulsion lifts and transparencies. Emulsion lifts enable you to transfer your instant pictures onto many different surfaces and thereby extend the creative potential of your images to a higher level.  You will be able to make one or more emulsion lifts and transparencies during this hands-on workshop. Experts from the Impossible Project will guide you through the whole creative process in depth and will provide you with interesting bits of background and history of their company and products. All materials provided. 

Saturday 03 June, 2pm - 5pm, Pinhole Camera Workshop
£15/£12 members & concessions, Book on above link.

Workshop participants will be able to construct their own pinhole camera from a container of their choice, we will provide containers if you don't have one. Participants will also learn how to load their pinhole cameras with photographic paper and calculate the right exposure times. They will leave the workshop with a unique paper negative.

Saturday 03 June 2017, 2pm - 5pm, Cyanotype Printing On Wood with Almudena Romero
£15/£12 members & concessions, Book on above link.
Discovered in 1842, the cyanotype process works by contact printing and it is only UV light sensitive. It gets developed and fixed in water and it is totally safe to use with children. The cyanotype process has mainly been used for documenting purposes such as botanical specimens in the nineteenth century and architectural or engineering designs (blueprints). This process is very tolerant to experimentation and it can be applied on cotton, wool, wood, and even non porous surfaces such as glass or acrylics.  In this workshop you will be given a 9cm round wood cut to coat, expose, develop and take home your own cyanotype print.

Saturday 03 June 2017, 5pm - 7pm, Show & Tell for Artists to present work

This is London Alternative Photography Collective's fourth 'show and tell', open call event. The session provides an opportunity for practitioners using alternative photography processes to share their work with a community of peers. Artists using alternative processes can both give and receive feedback on current projects, share technical tips and provide advice. It's a popular event and we expect to receive a large amount of submissions. Each participant will have 3 minutes to present their work. Participants must show physical work/prints. Free to participating photographers, please book ahead Please note: Show & Tell is for first-timers only. If you've taken part in a LAPC Show & Tell before, please leave the place for another practitioner. PLACES OPEN WEDNESDAY 3 MAY

Sunday 04 June 2017, 11am - 2pm, Photographic Emulsion Workshop with Diego Valente
£15/£12 members & concessions, Book on above link.

Photographic emulsion is probably the most versatile of the alternative photographic processes. You can coat photographic emulsion onto a wide variety of materials including paper, fabric, metal, rubber, wood, plastic, ceramic, glass, stones, shells and many others. In this workshop you will learn how to prepare a variety of different surfaces and objects, and create your own photographic artwork on paper.

Sunday 04 June 2017, 3pm - 6pm, Chemigram Workshop with Melanie King
£15/£12 members & concessions, Book on above link.

Invented in the 1950s, chemigrams are cameraless photographic images made by exposing photographic paper to light and a variety of simple household items and darkroom chemistry. This process provides opportunities to experiment and to explore creative and simple photographic processes. Workshop participants will be able to take home several chemigrams made during the workshop.